Solutions for eSporters 

Where everything gets easier, faster, stronger, better.

We don't want to "just play", we want to make eSporters living well with their passion, giving them the right service at the right moment.

We are building up several teams and a player base per every featured competition.

We make seminars and formation events, we are developing a medical/psychological team to help players perform better during their competitions, we offer coaching by the best coaches and psychologist sessions for beginners and pro players.

We also organize on/off leagues and tournaments for every rank and grade.

At DayDreamers we believe that gaming is more than just a way to have fun.


This is where everything starts, we strongly believe that passion is the engine of the world, specially in gaming, where there are astonishing worlds with futuristic weapons and old fashioned axes and swords.

We decided to make an on-offline platform to help who really works with his passion to make the experience even better, creating a series of leagues and tournaments to keep the players active and trying what they learn day by day, building up teams and players bases, organising coaching lessons and seminars to help our teams and players keep improving.

We are developing a medical team to give always the best advices to our players.

We'll keep our leaderboard active and up to date to make each player's performance program be personalized and totally customizable due to the player's need.